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Engineering Center

    · The development of high quality, low energy consumption of sandpaper, emery cloth, abrasive belt.

    · To study the technological innovation and improvement, so that the product has the advantages of high quality and good adaptability.

    · So that the product has become the market must promote the development of enterprise technology innovation.

    Center Profile

    Jiangsu province Coated Abrasives Engineering Technology Research Center is relying on Changzhou Jinniu grinding Co., Ltd. in 2015 approved the establishment of the Jiangsu province Coated Abrasives Engineering Technology Research center. According to the center of the forefront of the development of international domestic coated abrasives industry, focusing on the sandpaper, emery cloth, abrasive belt as the core of the multifunctional products. With the development of high quality, low energy consumption industries as the goal, to study the key technology innovation as the main content, through the design and improvement of the product has high quality, applicability, make the products become independent intellectual property rights, in order to adapt to China's industrial development needs, promote innovation and development.

   Results Introduction:

1、a new type of composite gluing mechanism
2、anti slip reinforcement belt
3、a kind of abrasive belt
4、new grinding belt
5、belt feeding mechanism
6、point control belt feeding mechanism
7、multiparticles belt
8、new belt
9、composite anti-skid belt

10、composite belt

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